This philosophy has allowed us to develop innovative building systems and new construction techniques such as J-System, a specific patented system, designed to create wooden floors perfectly integrated with standard reinforced concrete structures, universally usable in any building type.   Legnotek has started research promotion activities in recent years, financing projects with the University of L’Aquila, the faculty of engineering and the company Dromos Appalti S.r.l., creating the M-SYSTEM. An intelligent system for monitoring well-being and durability of homes.  


What is J-System

It’s a construction system designed specifically for wooden floors (laminated or solid) integrated with reinforced concrete framed structures or masonry structures with reinforced concrete perimeter curbs. J-System is an alternative and more effective solution compared to the use of traditional brick-cement floors (finished slab).
The result is a reinforced concrete framed structure with a perfectly integrated wooden floor. If the design hypothesis of non-rigid decks is envisaged, particularly suitable for roofing, where is preferrend to reduce the load of the attic and insert a substantial layer of insultation, the system allows the wooden beams to be positioned on the extrados of the reinforced concrete beams, in order to close the deck with the planking and the subsequent layers of insulation, waterproofing and roofing. The wooden beams can be installed inclined to create the roof pitches.
A perfect integration between framed structure and wooden decks is the result of the preliminary processing in the workshop of the heads of the wooden beams of the attic: following the installation of the reinforcements of the floor deck, the collaboration and union between materials is optimized by a concrete casting which incorporates the steel bars previously anchored at the top of the wooden beams.

Construction phases


J-System, the alternative and more effective solution ocmpared to brick-cement floors, becomes Smart by integrating sencros based on fiber optic technology into the steel bars with improved adhesion.

J-System Smart creates structures with self-diagnostic capabilities, equipped with a permanently integrated monitoring system of the structural nodes of the deck.

What is M-System

M-SYSTEM is an intelligent system for monitoring well-being and durability of homes. M-SYSTEM is a complete, practical, robust and easy to install system for the static and dynamic verification and monitoring wooden house conditions. The System allows remote monitoring with dedicated notifications on the status of the building. The monitoring system is able to perceive even the smallest oscillations and vibrations and is able to detect anomalous behavior on the part of the structure. The system is able to carry our static and dynamic monitoring thanks to the presence of highly sensitive latest generation accelerometers. Thanks to remote monitoring it is possibile to control the structure and, in the event of an anomaly, the system will send a notification.



J SYSTEM e M SYSTEM are both registered patents of Legnotek Srl